The migrant situation in Germany has improved since last summer's crisis, although much remains to be done, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Wednesday.

BERLIN – The migrant situation in Germany has improvedsince the crisis last summer, although much remains to be done, GermanChancellor Angela Merkel said Wednesday.

“The situation today is much better than last year,but much remains to be done,” Merkel told lawmakers.

While admitting that not all migrants have kindintentions, she told lawmakers that the security situation is an independentmatter and that terrorism is unrelated to refugees.

"Terrorism is not a new problem that appearedonly with the refugees. But not every refugee arrives with goodintentions," Merkel said.

She noted that her government had made a series of"important steps" to maintain domestic security.

"People have the right to demand that we doeverything possible to ensure their safety," the chancellor maintained.

Researchers estimate up to 400,000 refugees may arrivein the country this year, in comparison with over a million of new arrivals in2015. For comparison's sake, there were about 715,000 babies born in thecountry in 2014.


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