Not sure if you knew, but until the 1960s, real, un-simulated sex was banned by the U.S. law and the Motion Picture Production Code.

Even though you might think that the sex scenes in movies re simulated, sometimes the actors actually have real sex. And by the words of the movie experts, the difference between movies with explicit sexual content and porn movies is that the first ones have something other than sex, for example a story, and sex is a side thing… While porns are all about “WHAM! BAM! THANK YOU MA’AM!”

So, we decide to present to you the movies that feature actual, un-simulated sex scenes! All the images were taken from

Enjoy, but try not to enjoy too much…


The star of this revolutionary Blaxploitation movie, Melvin Van Peebles, waited decades to confess that in the scene where he had sex, there was no simulation involved. He also said that he now wishes that the sex was simulated because he picked up gonorrhea from his movie partner… At the time, he was only 13 years old! The main reason why he did this scene is because his father forced him to do it, so that his movie can be complete…


This movie was most remembered because of its real sex scene, which involved a famous Hollywood star. In that particular scene, Chloë Sevigny oral satisfies Vincent Gallo, who is by the way her real-life boyfriend. The scene caused commotion in the movie fans world! In an interview for Playboy, Chloë said that she felt plenty of emotions during that scene, and that she will probably need therapy because of it. We wonder why?


Al Pacino was the star of this movie, which was actually trashed because many saw it as homophobic. The story follows a serial killer who hates and kills homosexual men. It features bloody murder scenes, but it also features scenes of men having actual sex. As if that wasn’t enough, the sets were also “beautified” with phallic symbols… This movie is all about d*cks…

LOVE (2015)

When watching Gaspar Noé’s movie, there is no room for imagination because he “explains” everything so vividly. To be more precise, the movie uses a close up to show a D*ick to everyone’s face, and does that in 3D!

This cult classic movie made by John Waters, seriously raised the bar in the world of cinematography. There is one “special” scene that made us put it on our list, and it is the scene where Divine, the legendary drag queen, provides oral pleasure to “her son”. Of course, the “son” was not really related to Divine, but the oral action was… The scene is not recommendable to be seen on a full stomach…


All About Anna is a Danish movie, which was characterized as a movie about sexual relationships, meaning that it is filled with erotic scenes. When the public reacted because of the unsimulated sex and masturbation scenes, director Jessica Nilsson said that without those scenes, the movies drama would be lost. The official genre of the movie was “a romantic comedy for women”. We guess that it was filled with real sex scenes by accident then?

ROMANCE X (1999)

Now this is a movie that actually offers more than just one scene of real sex. Caroline Ducey is the star of the movie, which was by the way XXX rated in Canada. The story of the movie goes around Marie, a young woman living with her boyfriend Paul. Marie is disappointed in her boyfriend because he doesn’t want to get intimate with her, so she looks for sex in the strangest places. In one scene, she actually has a sadomasochistic sex with an older man, and it was not faked… There is even an ejaculation shot.

LIE WITH ME (2005)

This movie is about a woman who is not so happy with the emotional side of her relationships, but doesn’t mind the sex. When the audiences asked if the sex scenes in this movie were real, the received an affirmative answer. And if you watch the movie, you will notice that the actors are not simulating. The critics claim that this movie isn’t actually about sex, but about strong women who love sex… Tell us how that isn’t the same??


Directed by Nagisa Oshima, the one of the most controversial movies “In the Realm of the Senses” is based on a true story of a strong sexual desire. It features plenty of creepy scenes which were, luckily, not real. But all the sex scenes were real though. Although this movie looks like a porn, officially it isn’t.


Even though body doubles were used during the scene with sex scenes between Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe, the sex in the movie was real. If you’ve seen the Antichrist by Lars von Trier, you know that it features a scene of vaginal intercourse, and graphically violent sexual imagery. But now you know that Dafoe’s penis is not that big, it was not he that was filmed… Sorry for the spoiler ladies.


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